Always wear GREEN on Thursdays.


"Queers and fairies wear green on Thursday" is among the many words and phrases Judy Grahn explores in her book Another Mother Tongue, (Beacon Press, 1984).

Grahn writes that in her high school, words like "queer" and "fairy" began entering her classmates vocabulary around 9th grade. She goes on to tell that by 10th and 11th grade, "it suddenly became a known 'fact' that anyone who wore green on a Thursday was automatically a queer or a fairy." pg. 77

In researching the etymology of this saying, Grahn discovered through the work of Margaret Murray that there had been a Fairy people who lived in the British Isles preceding the conquest of Caesar in 58 CE. These Fairy people were dark skinned and wore green. The Fairies typically celebrated in ceremonies that included snake dances winding through town. She also discovered that on Thursdays, they partook in ceremonies including same sex activity.

Wishing to wipe out any forms of indigenous religion, the Romans slaughtered the Fairy people much as the Spanish later slaughtered the indigenous tribes of South America. She puts forth the idea that people began the habit of not wearing green on Thursday, "lest you be mistaken for one of them." (pg. 81)

Today we can wear green on any day without fear of retribution. And with this freedom, we can now choose to wear green on Thursday as a way of reminding ourselves who we are and where we've been by celebrating our queer heritage.

When we choose to wear green on Thursdays, we claim to be one with the Fairy folk who were slaughtered by the Romans. We choose to be one with every woman who loved women and every man who loved men who ever lived and was persecuted for their love.

When we wear green on Thursday we march with the entirety of our queer heritage; of healers and those who walked between two worlds, of the witches (wise women) and male and female shamans who healed their people and brought them spiritual enlightenment. We bring into our consciousness, and hence into the world, the collective wisdom and energy of all queer ancestors and carry them with us today.

By wearing green on Thursday, we also walk with the millions of those people who throughout time and placed have been persecuted or killed for their beliefs.

Wearing green on Thursdays is not like wearing an AIDS or Breast Cancer ribbon, for others need not know what the green stands for or why we wear it.  By intentionally wearing green on Thursdays, we walk as a silent testimony and bring into the world consciousness, a coming world without persecution, without hunger and poverty and disease and crime.  A world where we men who love men and women who love women are respected and sought out for our healing gifts.  A world that will be expressed when our spirituality catches up with our technology and we soar free on the wind.

Osireion partner Teyboti is a mystic living in South Carolina, where he is currently pursuing studies on the sacred androgyne.  Contact Teyboti at


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